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Travel Photo Collection

After embarking on a continuous journey spanning over six years, exploring and experiencing the diverse landscapes of more than 35 countries, I’ve felt compelled to transform my adventures into a unique digital collection. I’ve decided to curate a collection of NFTs, each featuring captivating photographs I’ve taken during my global sojourns. These NFTs will serve as collectible representations of the various corners of the world I’ve had the privilege to visit. Each photograph will prominently display its location, allowing enthusiasts to connect with the essence of the places captured.

Launched in the year 2022​

This collection, aptly named TPC or “Travel Photo Collection,” embodies my passion for both travel and photography.

I invite you to delve into this collection, to explore the beauty and diversity of our world through my lens. Your support means everything, and as a token of my appreciation, occasional exclusive offers and complimentary drops will be shared with my followers on platforms like Twitter (X) and Nostr. Stay tuned, and let’s embark on this digital journey together, one pixelated adventure at a time.


The places around the world where I traveled and will travel are represented as a collection of NFT cards.


Reviewing my photos after more than 6 years of traveling inspired me to create an NFT collection. One goal is to share it with people who appreciate it, and on the other hand, to generate some financial support. Feel free to explore the blockchain; it’s all public, revealing how much it may yield for me.


This collection is available on the Wax Blockchain, each item in the collection gets minted 2000 times.


Your NFT IS prepared ans awaiting your claim.

Your NFT Awaits: Ready for Claiming!

You can acquire the NFT on the Wax Blockchain through NeftyBlocks, a marketplace I personally favor. Don’t delay, act now and secure your own NFT by clicking this button.

Travel Photo Collection