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Hive Blog


Explore my journeys: 35+ countries, 6+ years as a nomad.


Discover stunning destinations from my 6+ years of nonstop travel.


Experience my nomadic odyssey, a worldwide journey without a home.

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Hive Blog

Over 6 years of travel yielded a treasure trove of experiences and content. Recently, I pondered how to share it while making a modest income. That’s when I stumbled upon Nostr, a decentralized protocol akin to Twitter, and made new friends. One enlightened me about Hive, where I could earn tips for blogging. Intrigued, I shifted my blog from my website to Hive. Since my website lacked content, I closed it and began setting up my Hive Blog. If you’re keen on having your own Hive blog, I’ve left an invitation link for you to explore.

Travel & Lifestyle


Timna, Israel

For over six years, I’ve embraced a nomadic lifestyle, devoid of a permanent home or base, constantly moving from one place to another. My recently created Hive Blog chronicles this unplanned journey. Minimalism was an accidental byproduct, and its unfolding narrative can be tracked on Hive, allowing you to form your own perspectives.

Please remember, I don’t receive compensation for my endeavors, including the images I capture. If you appreciate my work, perhaps you’d consider offering a modest tip or an upvote on my Hive posts. If you’re interested in creating your own Hive Blog and receiving some tips, feel free to utilize my invitation link for a complimentary Hive Blog.

Odessa, Ukraine