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Ethereum NFT


This is an Ethereum Network NFT with a dragon. I experimented with my laptop and AI while staying in a Tanzanian hostel. My goal was to create an NFT that featured a Dragon. I made a lot of items, from comics to reality, and then I made this NFT Collection. Simply scroll down for additional information, and if you like the NFT, you might want to get your own.

Launched in the year 2022​

I’ve always admired images of dragons and other mystical creatures.

This started while I was playing with AI and decided to construct some dragons. This NFT was created using AI. I hope to see you as the owner of this NFT.


There is no physical location, only a fantasy in a Tanzanian hostel and AI. This Tanzanian hostel greatly influenced me, and the NFT grew in my imagination.


This Dragon began to have visions at a Tanzanian Hostel with a very wonderful and inspiring décor. It left my head and was transformed into an image by AI.


This collection is available on the Opensea website. In the Ethereum network, each item in the collection gets minted 10 times.


Your NFT is ready for you.

Get your own NFT now.

I exclusively sell the NFT on the Opensea website, and it is minted on the Polygon Chain.