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Look at my travels, lifestyle, images, and stories, or just see what my adventures are like.


View photographs from amazing locations in my posts and stories, like them, and leave a comment.


Look through my posts and stories for my reels. Enjoy the stunning scenery and share your ideas in the comments area.

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I’ve been traveling more than 6 years and have visited over 35 countries. There are almost 1200 posts from these wonderful locations on my Instagram profile. If you don’t want to miss out, click the button below to go to my Instagram and become a follower. Examine all of the reels and photographs and give a comment.

Travel & Lifestyle


Timna, Israel

I’ve been traveling for more than six years now, with no home or base, from one place to another. My Instagram account began before that, but it underwent a significant alteration. The journey was not planned, and the minimalism happened by chance, but you can follow it on Instagram and form your own opinions.

Keep in mind that I am not paid for my efforts. All of the images I take and reels I create are not rewarded, and I make no money from them. So maybe you’d like to consider helping me with one of my plans. You may show your appreciation by making a PayPal contribution, a cryptocurrency donation, or a monthly subscription on my Patreon page.

Daressalam, Tanzania