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Beautiful locations

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Home is the World

My Life

Daressalam, Tanzania

Life has led me to a style in which I constantly relocate. I don’t have a home or a base, so I just keep travelling. You might call me a nomad or a wanderer, or you could call me a minimalist. But one thing is certain: I live my life in a small bag and constantly change my location. The sites I visit across the world are documented in videos and photos that I share on all of my social media platforms.

I had a serious illness a long time ago, one that kills a lot of people. But I survived, and as a result, I lost everything I possessed and ended up on the street, which was not where I wanted to be. I got a backpack and started walking. I’ve been traveling for more than 6 years. Some people sit by the fire while others go on; I am one of those who went on and brought you impressions from this world.

Nanyuki, Kenya