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If you are a Facebook user who enjoys looking at images, information, and commenting on them. Then go to my Facebook page and click the like button. On my Facebook page, I primarily write in German, but this is not an issue because Facebook will translate my updates and information for you.

Travel & Lifestyle


Odessa, Ukraine

I’ve been traveling for over 6 years and you’ll be able to follow me on Facebook. See my travel and minimalist lifestyle posts, as well as all of my posts from beautiful beaches, cities, and other areas. Leave a comment or a like on them. Okay, you can do both, since you are a free person living in a free world. Do that step and press that button; it is completely free.

Keep in mind that I am not rewarded for my work; everything I do on my Facebook page is done for free. All of that information is available to you for free. So perhaps you’d like to consider supporting me in one of my plans. You can express your appreciation by making a PayPal payment, a cryptocurrency donation, or a monthly plan on my Patreon page.

Eilat, Israel