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Kilifi NFT

Kilifi is a town on both sides of the lagoon that is connected by the Kilifi Bridge, which overlooks the waterway. The Mnarani ruins and Shauri Moyo beach are located on the south side, while the majority of Kilifi Town and Bofa Beach are located on the north side. The temperature is often warm (above 25 °C) throughout the year, with two seasons of moderate rainfall (about 800-1000 mm). Heavy rain starts in March and lasts until July, while brief periods start in October and last until December.

Launched in the year 2022​

With this NFT, I hope to capture the beauty of Kilifi. During my time there, the idea began to take shape in my thoughts.

I fell in love with this town and its beaches and wanted to stay forever. After I left, those photos remained in my mind, and the concept for an NFT began to shape, and I completed my first NFT.
This is my first NFT, and the collection will increase over time. I’d like to put more objects, but they’ll all be fantastic Kilifi photos.
I hope you become the owner of this NFT.



Kilifi is a gorgeous Kenyan beach town. It has lovely white beaches and warm Indian Ocean water.


I was inspired to build my first NFT after looking through my Kilifi photographs. I intend to add many items to this NFT in the future, and perhaps other locations will follow in a separate collection.


This collection is available on the Opensea website. In the Polygon Chain, each item in the collection gets minted 1000 times.


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I exclusively sell the NFT on the Opensea website, and it is minted on the Polygon Chain.

NFT Kilifi