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Get early access on destinations and information that others must wait for.


View photographs from many locations, countries, and towns before they are made public.


Discover my videos as the first. Get early access or see what no one else sees.

Sit & Enjoy

Beautiful locations

I’ve traveled for over 6 years and visited over 35 countries. This channel will contain location information, photographs, and short videos. It will also include more information regarding the YouTube channel that I am launching. You can now subscribe to the channel. I also provide numerous partner discounts and information about my NFT artwork on this channel.


Exclusive access

Exotic locations

Zanzibar, Tanzania

My Telegram channel contains information on my adventures, as well as photographs and videos from my journeys throughout the world, as well as information about my website, YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, and NFT. If you want to get updates and offers, as well as see what others don’t see at an early stage, subscribe to my channel now; it’s free.

Subscribing to my Telegram channel is completely free; simply click the link on this page and follow the instructions. If you want to view new stuff, remain updated, and be the first to know about it, this is the place to be. Remember that the subscription is completely free.

Hotsprings, Kilimanjaro, Moshi, Tanzania