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Digital African Art

I digitized art I observed in Africa. If you visit Tanzania, you should look at the art because it is quite inspiring. It truly inspired me, and many things developed in Tanzania as a result. Simply scroll down to read more, and perhaps you’ll be interested in getting your own NFT.

Launched in the year 2022​

After seeing all of the amazing art in Tanzania, I was inspired to make this NFT. It inspired me, and I had to make them in a variety of styles. Tanzania inspired me to create my own NFT through its art museums, hostel decor, and streets. This was one of my very first NFTs.

This NFT came to me unexpectedly and is related to where I’ve been residing for a few weeks. It has nothing to do with my life or my background; instead, it was inspired by the hostel and the town where I was living. I still miss this town to this day. I hope you become the owner of this NFT.


Developed on my trips through Tanzania. The hostel where I stayed, as well as the town and the mountain, inspired me. The atmosphere around Kilimanjaro was a significant inspiration.


After seeing all of the Tanzanian art and handcraft, I realized that African art is incredible and that I needed to digitize some of it. If you need inspiration, go to the foot of Kilimanjaro and take in everything you see.


This collection is available on the Opensea website. In the Polygon Chain, each item in the collection gets minted 100 times.


Your NFT is ready for you.

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I exclusively sell the NFT on the Opensea website, and it is minted on the Polygon Chain.

NFT Digital African Art