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Polygon NFT

Rottweiler Nala

My Rottweiler’s name is Nala. She never lost her baby-like appearance or stride. She is no longer living; she passed away many years ago. So I created this NFT from one of my fave images of her. Scroll down for more details, and perhaps you’d want to obtain your own NFT from my precious and lovely dog.

Launched in the year 2022​

This NFT was made in memory of my deceased dog Nala. She was an amazing puppy who was both adorable and hilarious.

More NFT versions will be produced in the future. It is dedicated to her, who died unjustly. I hope you become the owner of this NFT.


It was an original photograph of my dog playing in the snow in bitterly cold weather in good old Germany. I threw snowballs at her, and she begged for more. Her face was covered in snow and had frozen.


She was a wonderful dog, and I miss her, therefore I decided to memorialize her with an NFT. I hope she goes around and many people buy NFTs from her in the future.


This collection is available on the Opensea website. In the Polygon Chain, each item in the collection gets minted 1000 times.


Your NFT is ready for you.

Get your own NFT now.

I exclusively sell the NFT on the Opensea website, and it is minted on the Polygon Chain.

NFT Nala