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Get your special



for Free

You earn cryptos by doing tasks. Here are a few links to sites where you can obtain cryptocurrencies for free by registering and completing tasks. This also provides me with a tiny commission.


Free Bitcoin

You can get bitcoins for free by spinning a wheel of fortune. You almost always win, but I believe the lesser wins are more common than the larger ones. There is some Bitcoin available as a reward here.


Free USD Coin

The same as bitcoin, but you get the USD coin as reward.



Who hasn’t heard of the pancakeswap token? (CAKE). Some of these coins can be earned by spinning a wheel of fortune.


Free Tron

Tron is a fantastic and inexpensive network where you can earn a few coins by registering using my link and spinning the wheel of fortune.


Free Cardano

If you use my link to register to the page, you can win ADA, a coin that is not unfamiliar either.


Free Binance Coin

BNB is an important coin since it serves as a payment method in the smart chain. You can win some of them here by spinning the wheel of fortune.


Free ShibaInu

The coin, not the charming dog that entered the market with a rocket launch, can be won here. Register and spin the wheel of fortune to win a gift.


Free DOGECoin

You can win DOGE-Coins for free here. Simply click the link, register, and spin the wheel. You can spin the wheel once every hour, and there is always a chance of winning.


Free Ethereum

The Ethereum network accepts payments in the form of ETH. Nonetheless, the fees in the network are slightly more than in others. On the wheel of fortune, you can win the coin for free.